Short Courses

Credential Builders for Engineers

Short Courses are designed with working professionals in mind, available online, on-demand, anytime for targeted knowledge transfer.

These are courses in ten hours duration, broken into practical twenty-minute segments. Short courses will be augmented with weekly live feedback to enhance the educational process.

Give your career an edge through UF EDGE Short Courses!

For any questions regarding the short courses below, please contact Dr. David Mazyck, UF EDGE Director, at

Photo of Persuasive Communications for Engineers Persuasive Communications for Engineers Short Course
Fee: $1095

Effective communication is recognized as one of the core competencies for engineering leaders. Persuasion (with ethical intent) is often viewed as an essential element in the communications process in order to effectively inform and influence beliefs in and actions by others and achieve the desired course of action or outcome. This course focuses on understanding the science of persuasion and best practices in how it can be applied to develop more persuasive written documents and presentations. Students will have an opportunity to develop and deliver presentations evaluated by industry experts.

Registration opens on January 20, 2020

Photo of Strategic Business Acumen for Engineers Strategic Business Acumen for Engineers Short Course
Fee: $1095

This course provides fundamentals of business terminology, concepts and principles to assist engineers in developing comprehensive plans, programs and deliverables for creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Students will develop a business plan for an engineering project/product.

Registration opens on April 27, 2020

Photo of Engineering Leadership Engineering Leadership Short Course
Fee: $1095

This course introduces engineering students to the concepts, theory, and practice of leadership in modern-day organizations through real-world examples and expert instruction. Students will develop their leadership framework and abilities through exploring topics such as ethical leadership, excellence in communications, managing conflict, developing effective teams, building organizational culture, leading and managing change, and professional credibility. The course is critical in a world where the only constant changes.

Registration opens on March 9, 2020