Short Courses

Credential Builders for Engineers

Short Courses are designed with working professionals in mind and available online.

Here is what students can expect:
  • Short courses are segmented into approximately 20-minute videos and related assignments (total of 15-16 hours – 1.5-1.6 CEUs)
  • Faculty will dedicate time to answering questions and substantive interactions (unique compared to what other programs are offering)
  • Will be offered at least twice per year for a 4-6 week period
  • Content is 100% online, providing flexibility and no travel
  • Easy to register
  • Course completion will result in a badge/credential
Upcoming Courses for the Years 2021 and 2022
Photo of Engineering Leadership Engineering Leadership Start Date: August 23, 2021
Fee: $1095

This course introduces engineering students to the concepts, theory, and practice of leadership in modern-day organizations through real-world examples and expert instruction. Students will develop their leadership framework and abilities through exploring topics such as ethical leadership, excellence in communications, managing conflict, developing effective teams, building organizational culture, leading and managing change, and professional credibility. The course is critical in a world where the only constant changes.

Start Date: August 23, 2021
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Photo of Persuasive Communications for Engineers Persuasive Communications for Engineers Start Date: August 30, 2021
Fee: $1095

Effective communication is recognized as one of the core competencies for engineering leaders. Persuasion (with ethical intent) is often viewed as an essential element in the communications process in order to effectively inform and influence beliefs in and actions by others and achieve the desired course of action or outcome. This course focuses on understanding the science of persuasion and best practices in how it can be applied to develop more persuasive written documents and presentations. Students will have an opportunity to develop and deliver presentations evaluated by industry experts.

Start Date: August 30, 2021
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Photo of Business Acumen for Engineers Business Acumen for Engineers Start Date: September 27, 2021
Fee: $1095

Business acumen, the ability to understand how companies work, make money, and execute on strategy, is a core competency that many engineering professionals lack. Developing this skill or competency can help engineers understand how the decisions they make in organizations impact an organization’s financial, operational, and sales results.

The course provides an overview of some key aspects of business acumen, its importance in managing a business, and how developing this skill can help you become a leader in your organization. Learning will be advanced through understanding and applying the information in the course content and from the various activities within the course modules.

Start Date: September 27, 2021
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Photo of Fiscal Responsibility Fiscal Responsibility Start Date: November 1, 2021
Fee: $1095

Cash flow, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements are common documents generated by companies for legal and reporting purposes. An ability to analyze these data and calculate/evaluate key indices from them is essential to understanding the financial “health” of an engineering or technology organization, and what drives the financial success of organizations and the projects and products involved. How companies raise capital to fund new innovations or improve existing infrastructure is also important for engineering leaders to recognize. Also knowing how companies leverage their assets, obtain a return on invested capital, optimize operational costs, develop performance metrics and grow are critically important for engineering leaders.

This course covers the fundamentals of these financial concepts and provides students an opportunity to apply the concepts in real-world situations.

Start Date: November 1, 2021
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Photo of Crisis Leadership Crisis Leadership Start Date: Spring 2022
Fee: $1095

Disasters and human-made societal threats create crisis conditions that require leadership by those within engineering and technology-centrist organizations to stabilize, manage, and mitigate the impacts. This course assists students in developing and applying a complex, interdependent system-level of thought required to predict and plan for crises, and lead teams and organizations that can effectively implement appropriate responses for crisis situations.

Start Date: Spring 2022

Photo of Deep Learning for AI Deep Learning for AI Start Date: Spring 2022
Fee: $1095

This course offers a top-down approach to the study of deep neural network-based solutions beginning with an introduction of basic concepts and applications. Course participants are then guided through the implementation of common architectures and corresponding training and prediction procedures, which includes a simple environment setup and interactive participation using Anaconda Jupyternotebooks. The underlying first principles are then reviewed to provide the foundation necessary for deeper understanding and interrogation of these large, complex mathematical models. We conclude this short course by revisiting notable applications to discuss lessons learned.

Start Date: Spring 2022

Photo of Engineering Project Management Engineering Project Management Start Date: Summer 2022
Fee: $1095

In today’s cost-competitive, complex work environment, engineers will manage projects that implement their stakeholders’ or company’s products, services, or developments in an optimized, efficient manner. The Project Manager assimilates the components of the project utilizing leadership and management principles that embrace both knowledge and experience in building the structure, processes, components, and linkages within the team for successful project delivery.

Start Date: Summer 2022

Photo of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Start Date: TBD
Fee: $1095

This course introduces engineering students in non-computer science majors to concepts and applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students will develop an understanding of AI through real-world applications in different domains and will become familiar with AI terminology and history. Machine learning and deep learning will be covered and several concepts and tools for model deployment and life cycle management will be explored. The course also provides a discussion of important ethical issues in AI applications.  

Start Date: TBD

For any questions regarding the short courses above, please contact Dr. David Mazyck, UF EDGE Director, at