Information for Faculty

Proctoring Exams

Please check with your department regarding available proctoring options.

e-Learning (Canvas)

UF EDGE provides course lecture videos through the eLearning (Canvas) course management tool. Prior to the beginning of each semester, the sites for all of the UF EDGE courses are created in Canvas and the lecture pages are loaded into each course site. In general, questions regarding eLearning should be directed to Academic Technology but if there is an issue with your lectures page or the videos linked from it, please contact

Teaching Tips

  • Allow a few minutes before class to meet with your director; establish a standard “start” signal, and discuss any special support you may require.
  • Wait for your image to appear on the classroom monitors before you begin your lecture.
  • Acknowledge your off-campus students on a regular basis; this provides eye contact for your distance students & makes them feel more like a part of the class.
  • Encourage your off-campus students to interact via email or within eLearning (Canvas).
  • Consider asking your off-campus students to send you a brief biography via email.
  • Please repeat the question. The volume on the classroom ceiling microphones is kept low to prevent recording background noise, so be sure to repeat the in-class student’s question for the benefit of the off-campus students.